The new (old) Biannual Excerpt!

The door opens into a room with two soliders sitting around a table. They’re talking and examining a map on the table. Next to the map is a small ring of keys. Both soldiers look the same as the unconscious guard you found upstairs.

Killrath: Hi!

Soldier: –surprised, looking up from the map– Who the hell are you?

Killrath: I am me

Soldier: And you are?

Tokz rolls: 1d20+3 => 9 + 3 = 12

Killrath: I’m your inspector.

Cory rolls: 1d20+3 => 2 + 3 = 5

Laertes rolls his eyes.

Soldier: Oh.. oh really?

Killrath folds arms behind back.

Killrath: Yep

Soldier: Uhh… What’re you here to inspect, exactly?

Laertes tries to keep the sword out of sight.

Killrath: Your weapons

Soldier: .. Better question, how did you get onto a departed ship?

Killrath: I’ve been here..

Soldier: Really? And why are you just now inspecting our weapons?

Killrath: Well, I’ve been doing the others’ aswell

Killrath: Duh

Soldier: –looks at his partner– Well, i guess that makes sense, doesn’t it?

Soldier: So uhh.. What do you need to do, exactly?

Nimora looks on the verge of laughing at the foolishness of the guards.

Killrath: Just need to look at them both individually

Soldier: Uhh.. Right… Why weren’t we informed by the chief of an inspection?

Laertes prepares to spring into the room and attack the first guard he sees when he hears the weapons change hands.

Killrath: Oh you didn’t hear?

Soldier: I suppose not

Killrath: Terribly sorry, well, I’ll still need to examine them

Soldier: Right.. uhh well.. here you are.

Soldier gives this sword to Killrath_

_Killrath takes the sword and looks it up and down.

Killrath: Well now.. see here…

Killrath: This blade is poorly seated, one attack would send it flying apart! see?

Soldier: Oh, really?

Soldier looks where Killrath is pointing


Killrath attacks!


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