The remaining party members were unconscious for a couple of days. When they awoke they found two others imprisoned with them. Nimora, a woman of aquatic lineage; and Rainh, a very scary, aggressive woman. Laertes and Valaris shared a cell, Killrath and Nimora shared one directly across from them, and Rainh –probably for good reason– was locked up by herself.

Laertes immediately went to work picking the locks on his cell. After freeing everyone, and receiving a death threat. They found an incapacitated guard and an open cell in the other wing of the floor. Downstairs they came across two guards who were easily fooled and dealt with. A map showed they were headed towards an arctic continent. They found keys that allowed them to retrieve their equipment and items. In the northern room of this floor they crossed paths with Mylvian again. Mylvian told them of additional boats that were kept tethered on the lowest level of the barge. She instructed them to ready one of the boats and to wait for her.

Downstairs they got attacked by a group of guards just after discovering two boats tethered up. While the others were fending off the guards, Valaris went to prepare the boat for departure by severing the tethers. After the fight Laertes went to open the Capstan.

About this time more guards showed up. Laertes heard something that piqued his interest and rushed over to assist. In the other room he found Mylvian at the other capstan, wielding a mace, and being advanced upon by a squad of guards. Rainh realized that Mylvian was in trouble and ran after Laertes, arguing with Valaris the entire time.

A bit later, Mylvian shouted at Leartes to go back to the boat, smashes the capstan so that the grating can’t open, and jumps in the water, followed by several guards. Laertes and Rainh unwillingly return to the vessel and the group sets sail.

Hectic Start

The party (Consisting of Laertes, Killrath, Aldea, and Calerin), for one reason or another, was in Palris. The local high priest, Jalios, had an assignment to recover some artifacts from a tomb near town. To assist with this and make sure the tomb wasn’t overly defiled, they sent along two church members: Malak and Valaris.

The tomb was infested with undead, and riddled with puzzles involving the sisters that founded the church. They eventually made it to the burial chamber that contained the artifacts. Their previous owners didn’t wish to part ways and had to be dealt with. When the last artifact was taken from its resting place, the tomb started to collapse! Malak sacrificed himself to assist the party in escaping.

After getting back to town and talking to the high priest about various things. The party was rewarded with a piece of property to use as they see fit. Before departing town, they decided to rest at the inn. They happened upon a major person from Laertes’s past, Mylvian Emberthorn. While this long awaited meeting was taking place, the city was attacked by a naval force.

The party parted with Mylvian to help ensure her escape. After fighting through waves of men, they encountered who appeared to be the leader, Agryan Kroto. The fight ended in defeat for them; Aldea died in the struggle, Calerin escaped, and Laertes, Killrath, and Valaris were imprisoned on a large barge. Calerin slipped on to the ship that his friends were captive in.


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