Epic rogue variant, who is slightly.. no.. completely insane



Killrath is not his name, he has no name. Raised by a man calling himself Deddrick the Prophet, he was told his birth parents had both died when he was very young. He was raised to raid, to bring in profits from the misfortune of others. He was taught how to fight, how to kill without mercy. However after years of service to Deddrick, his conscience would not let him continue his work. He decided to leave the Raiders. Deddrick, hearing this, was displeased with Killrath. Deddrick told him he was weak,that he was nothing without the Raiders, and he threatened Killrath with death should he leave. Killrath stood firm however, and Deddrick could not bring himself to kill the one he had raised as a son. He allowed Killrath to go his way, and told him to not come back. On the night of his departure, Killrath saw a dark-clad man sneaking into Deddrick’s tent. Curious, he snuck in behind the man. He saw the would-be assassin raise his knife, so he screamed “NO!” and lunged at the assassin. This woke Deddrick up, who saw Killrath save him from Death’s cold grip. Deddrick decided that if Killrath should ever need anything, anyhting at all, he could come back just once, and Deddrick would grant that favor, but then Killrath would be banished for leaving the Raiders. None of the Raiders were happy with this, but they all followed Deddrick, and accepted it. Killrath went off, trying to become a “good guy” by the world’s standards. He never got over the fact that his parents died before he knew them. He feels that he must be the center of attention at all times, this has caused him to take on a rather Chaotic nature. However, he tries his best to follow his chosen path of beign one of the “good guys.” Killrath eventually met up with a group of adventurers, and decided to travel with them. After barely any time with these fellow warriors, the group was summoned to a church in a far away town, Killrath secretly hopes that this will bring the whole group together, and give him the structure and support he craves. Killrath is very cunning, and plays as a fool for all to see, but this is only so no one will realize how lethal he can be. He observes everything, and will many times not give an answer to a riddle he has figured out, hoping to look clueless so that he will be udnerestimated. However, his craving for attention will sometimes lead him to reveal his true cunning, to get recognition. Killrath is finding out that being the “good guy” isn’t nearly as easy as being back with Deddrick and the Raiders, and this is causing him to question his priorities. Killrath is struggling to find himself, but sincerely hopes that “himself” is who he is now, and maybe that’s a step in the right direction.


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